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Textile Polyester Thread


Infinity with its in-depth industry expertise developed High tenacity Yarn with strong material approach.Infinity  is made from pre stabilised 100% continuous filament polyester. Infinity is made by a special process, various plies of thread is bonded together, so that, the plies will not open during further processes and improves the qualities of thread.

Technical Specification
Denier / Ply Tex Breaking Strength (Kg) Elongation Range %
500 / 2 NA NA NA
500 / 2 NA NA NA
1000 / 2 NA NA NA
1500 / 2 NA NA NA
2000 / 2 NA NA NA
500 / 3 NA NA NA
1000 / 3 NA NA NA
1500 / 3 NA NA NA
2000 / 3 NA NA NA


Key Benefits

  • Excellent Performance On Multi-Directional sewing operation on Automatic Machines As The Plies Do Not Open During Sewing
  • Excellent performance of multi-directional sewing operation as the plies stay together, due to the bonding of plies
  • Exceptionally very high resistance to abrasion due to protective bonding chemical coating
  • Very Neat And Even Seams
  • 100% Increase In Production
  • Strengths Of High Tenacity Polyester Filament And Softness Of Polyester Fibres On The Seams
  • Good Thermal Resistance.
  • No Problem Of Melting Of Threads On High Speed Machines.
  • Very High Resistance Of Seams To Abrasion
  • High Productivity Due To Excellent Performance On Sewing Machine Due To Specially Formulated Micromolecular Lubrication
  • Is Available In Wide Range Of Shades And Packaging
  • High abrasion resistance

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